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About Us

A common love of travel brought Shannon Rancourt and Beverley Paton together, to create Viva!

We have known one another for 29 years. We first met in the advertising industry… then weddings, kids, family, friends…well, life, kept us busy. We would get together at least once a year to catch up and seemed to be able to start the conversation where we had left off, without missing a beat. That’s how we work too. Not surprisingly, we often find ourselves finishing off one another’s sentences.

In the Summer of 2013, Viva was created.

Beverley was consulting with start-ups and Shannon’s travel partner was retiring. Our partnership fell into place, with Shannon’s clear vision of what goes into a Dream Trip combined with Beverley’s savvy, entrepreneurial business acumen.


Shannon conceived the first Dream Trip in 2008 while biking in the Loire Valley. It struck her that the way she liked to travel might suit other women who had the same wanderlust and desire to explore the world in a very particular way. Shannon knew Rita, owner of her own travel agency, who embraced her Dream Trip idea. Together they executed four very successful trips to Turkey, Palm Springs, SE Asia and Kenya. Shannon has truly honed her travel expertise. She has learned the ins and outs of the biz and can really sniff out if a locale has what it takes to become a Viva destination. Beverley likes to call Shannon the travel artist: each trip is truly a work of art that she takes great pride in creating.

Beverley, the entrepreneur, ensures nothing falls off of the rails. After building and selling her publishing business, she involved herself in many worthwhile causes, consulted with a number of start-ups and then planned her dream trip where she spent a month traveling throughout Africa with her family. When faced with a decision to come on board and help build Viva, it was an easy one – combining her passion for business with her love of travel. She brings a set of skills that will ensure we get the most for our clients. Shannon refers to her negotiating skills as another form of artistry: getting the greatest value for our clients.


We have both travelled extensively and have visited some incredible spots. We find inspiration in those destinations that have something special to offer and what really drives us is sharing these fabulous places with you. We make the most out of life and work hard to get the most out of each and every destination we visit. Travelling with adventurous, like minded women, laughing along the way, and remaining fit are at the core of our existence.

Our Viva Inspired Principles (VIP’s) serve as the cornerstones for each and every trip that we do. Finding those special qualities that will make our trips truly unique is what we are all about.

Our biggest motivators are the Women of Viva. We want to deliver an incredible experience – that you will remember for a lifetime.


How We Work

Two Essential Ingredients:

1. All Viva trips are lovingly hand crafted by us.

We delight in gathering wonderful ideas that we think will suit our Women of Viva:

  • We start with a well-researched, unique destination.
  • We hand pick each trip ingredient to ensure it meets our Viva Inspired Principles.
  • We take care of everything! We select –
    • Top-rated hotels that embody our destination
    • Epicurean restaurants
    • Activities and excursions that will showcase the destination in a fascinating new way
    • Physical pursuits that will get your heart pumping
    • Light hearted, yet intriguing artistic and cultural experiences
    • Philanthropic endeavours that will really help the destinations we visit.

We’ll be by your side on each of our trips to ensure everything goes just right. We work hard to deliver your dream trip and we love to surprise and delight you along the way.

2. We work with well-established travel logistics partners, who share Viva’s vision.

We are committed to delivering outstanding quality at the best possible price. Quality and reliability are paramount to us and that is why we book our trips through reputable agents who are experts in the destinations we visit.

Our partners will book all Viva ground arrangements and if required, book your flight and provide you with travel insurance as well. They are all TICO-certified, which means you are fully protected by the Ontario Travel Industry.


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